Who We Are

Here at jimmyglove, we provide you the best, most easy to use led light gloves available in the whole market. There is a chance that you've never utilized LED light-up gloves, and we suggest giving a shot to our site and select the best gloves according to your preferences.  

We left our customers with no questions; the work gloves with LED lights have every benefit in them that you are looking for. You can check out the reviews that our customers says about us, and we will make sure that you will get the best of the best experience in working while wearing our led light gloves.

Our LED light-up gloves are made in familiar glove materials, for example, stretch cotton and some of the time in canvas-like work gloves, leather, and soft, breathable fabric. Pick a material that is agreeable to wear for you. Our gloves come in different colors material and size so that they will grab the attention of different genders, our gloves are available with colors like pink, camo, green camo, and in all shades of black!

You can select the Led light glove of your choice from our catalog and get it delivered strictly at your doorstep; our prices are fair and are displayed correctly without hidden charges.

The Vision

We are a leading manufacturer and seller of Lighting Hands-free Gloves in the USA. Whether you're hunting, hiking, or for emergency preparedness, you're looking for a compact, lightweight, and versatile features. You cannot afford to carry heavy objects or obstruct your ability to move freely. Therefore, there is no other option of lighting solutions that meet your needs, but Jimmy Gloves can.
You will not be dissatisfied with our range of LED flashlights gloves, as we guarantee that all products sold are of the highest quality. In general, the more you invest, the better the quality. If you are unsure which type of lightweight, hands-free lighting gloves are right for you, feel free to contact us! We are here to help you


The Mission

My mission is so it can become an everyday tool. The Jimmy Glove is not just a tool you can keep in your toolbox, but it can also be used to save lives, it can be used in emergencies, such as car accidents for EMTs, or storms and power outages.

Mission is to get this great new product out, so it can come an everyday tool.

Try it for any activity where you need hands free lighting and you will soon discover there are no limits that you can use it for.